The vision behind this small garden was to create an exotic, relaxing, and warm space. The client was keen to incorporate exotic plants from warmer climates. To create the beautiful colour contrast that can be seen above, Naomi used different materials alongside foliage to balance softness and light. The planting was predominantly based on foliage, using different shades and textures of green to achieve a deepening effect. The addition of Dahlias, Hibiscus, and big leafed plants helped create the staple. The client had also expressed that socialising and cooking were essential to this garden, so a small kitchen area and herb wall were a fun yet practical asset in the overall garden design.


The Ardingly garden estate was a project of significant size. The client wanted a garden that was easy to maintain while also looking beautiful all year round. Going into the project, Naomi understood that large estates take time, care, and attention to blossom into pleasing landscapes. Through the proper planting methods and careful planning, Naomi worked to transform the Ardingly garden into a captivating space for the client to enjoy.
To find inspiration for this garden, Naomi drew on the natural environment around the property itself, as well as the client’s own requirements.The client was keen to implement deer proof planting to maintain the beauty of their garden, despite the wildlife challenges in such a large countryside location. They also wanted a garden in which to entertain guests that blended effortlessly with the surrounding environment. Naomi achieved all this and more with her thoughtful colour choices, plant combinations, and design features.

Naomi is just brilliant. She is a great listener and worked in partnership with us to create a garden that we love and that will develop over the years. We have gone from just bare ground on a new build site in January 2020 to a wonderful terrace filled with colour and interest.



Naomi enjoyed designing this Eastbourne garden using the existing established trees as a background for the new design. Naomi created a space in the garden to move and socialise, introducing two seating areas: an outdoor kitchen and a summer house area. The client requested additional planting to be introduced to the garden. So, her team enlarged the borders and introduced bespoke planters to help draw focus and create a space of interest for planting. Height and shade featured throughout, with the introduction of trees and an obelisk.

Naomi was excellent in her approach and presentation. She worked with us to understand what we needed and how best to achieve it, even within a limited budget. She was happy to allow freedom and flexibility enabling us to develop ideas with helpful input and suggestions. Work is about to start.


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