Naomi finds great enjoyment in designing and planting residential gardens for her clients in West Sussex. This beautiful part of the country is lucky enough to have both the seaside and the South Downs on its doorstep. This stunning combination of landscapes provides Naomi with an abundance of garden design possibilities and Naomi is proud to serve West Sussex with her design, planting, and garden maintenance services. Discover some of Naomi’s work below.


Careful consideration was given to the placement of the raised beds in this design creating a harmonious flow throughout the garden space. Blended seamlessly into this outdoor space, a bespoke garden room designed in collaboration with Long Reach Design, sits nestled against the lush foliage of the planting in the raised beds.

The raised beds act as natural dividers, delineating different areas within the garden and the use of London Stock brick, brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to the garden space. A focal point of the design is the expertly built paddlestone wall of the raised pond and paddlestone steps. The natural irregular shapes of the paddlestones create a captivating visual effect together with the limestone paving, giving the garden a touch of rustic charm while still maintaining its modern, stylish design.

Bespoke fencing by The Coppiced Wood Company, offers a backdrop to the low maintenance and visually striking plants. Easy to maintain and drought resistant flowering shrubs and perennials were thoughtfully selected to ensure the garden is vibrant and beautiful with minimal effort required.

The overall result is a stunning garden, capturing biodiversity in an urban space that seamlessly integrates contemporary design elements with natural charm. This space offers a serene escape where the beauty can be enjoyed without the burden of excessive maintenance.

Deciding on a full garden landscape design for our terraced house in Shoreham wasn't taken lightly but we needn't have worried because we were always in the safe hands of Naomi and Lucy at Sussex Garden Design Studio who were considerably supportive throughout each and every stage of the process. Their support was always professional, friendly and timely and their overall service was simply first-class - we now have a simply beautiful garden that we will enjoy for many years to come and has meant that we have spent more time in the garden than ever before - we can't thank them enough and would recommend Naomi and Lucy to anyone looking to modify their garden and, in doing so, add considerable value to their property. Thanks both, we couldn't and wouldn't have done it without your kind, generous and professional support.



A garden design for a compact, urban space in West Sussex. Bringing to life a small space with buff sawn Yorkstone paving for the patio, bringing warm, sandy tones to the garden. Clay paver and gravel paths surround a large water pool centrepiece lined with contemporary, topiarised evergreen plants and gentle, rippling water rills running through the garden.

Climbing plants and espalier fruit trees along the perimeter walls join the garden together for a sense of enclosure with scattered pockets of colourful perennial plants to complement the water features, with two Amelanchier trees framing the corners creating dappled shade over the seating areas.


Bringing a seaside vibe into the garden, this design skillfully links the garden to the surrounding coastal area. This contemporary garden design incorporates a mix of colourful perennials that adorn newly planted raised borders framing the space. Nestled amongst stone boulders, a central gravel garden area is generously planted with flowering perennials and grasses that are encouraged to self-seed into the surrounding beach pebbles.

This garden was a blank canvas and the aim of the design and layout was to fashion an outdoor space to relax in and to create a sense of enclosure. Olive trees are positioned around the garden perimeter to provide privacy. A contemporary pergola defines a decked area for dining and relaxation and gives height and structure to the garden layout. Naturally weathered and reclaimed timber is used throughout the design to bring texture and character to the garden.


In this design, low paddlestone walls and small hedging areas were installed to break up a long, narrow garden into different ‘rooms’. The creamy tones of the paddlestone provided the garden some warmth from the alternative cool tones of a white render. The hedging provided an additional way to create layers and separate the spaces further.

This modern planting scheme uses low maintenance plants, a mixture of grasses and shrubs with perennials dotted in for colour throughout the seasons. The lush, green foliage backdrop provides height and structure to the whites, purples and blues creating a soft and inviting feel and a restful space to relax in.

The existing patio was used to set the tone for the rest of the hard landscaping, which was contrasted with lighter coloured clay pavers and gravel which formed the new path complementing the paddle-stone walls.

Multi-stem trees brought height into the garden space, creating a tiered effect, offering a sense of enclosure and dappled shade in the summer. A mix of evergreen climbers and espalier fruit trees situated along the boundary walls, with pockets of wildlfower planting edging the lawn against the backdrop of the paddlestone walls.

Corten steel edged a new wildlife friendly pond, a new pergola installed and seating areas created to enjoy the newly constructed spaces.


Garden design in West Sussex with seating platforms and paths for wheelchair access, with raised planted areas framed by multi-stem trees. New pond feature and new summerhouse design nestled under the canopy of a Beech tree. Woodland planting on the boundary creates enclosure with planted shrubs, ferns, grasses, perennials and spring bulbs.


The owners of this large barn conversion in West Sussex approached Naomi when the property was still just in the planning phase. Initially, Naomi worked with them to model the house and to plan out the ½ acre site. Then, over an extended period, Naomi worked on the gardening detail of each area.

The site falls into three main sections: the entrance, the courtyard and the main garden. Each of the sections received individual attention ensuring continuity throughout. Planting for each section was thoughtfully designed and planned by Naomi and the photos above show the initial section of plants thriving in their first season.

Not only is Naomi super talented but she brings such zen to my world 🧘‍♀️🌺. She’s designed our dream garden but completely understands that we can’t implement it all at once. We debated doing it in stages and leaving parts totally unfinished but have come to the conclusion that a more basic whole garden is more useful to us.


Naomi was excellent in her approach and presentation. She worked with us to understand what we needed and how best to achieve it, even within a limited budget. She was happy to allow freedom and flexibility enabling us to develop ideas with helpful input and suggestions. Work is about to start.


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