Naomi has won numerous prestigious awards for her commercial garden designs and is proud to provide commercial garden design services to clients in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, and London. Whatever your project size, Naomi and our team have the experience and passion needed to deliver exceptional results. Our landscape-led designs transform commercial garden spaces for everyones’ use and enjoyment.


A large hotel courtyard and reception entrance area had recently undergone a complete refurbishment of the existing hard landscaping features. The brief was to design a new planting scheme to enhance the new layout design and to make the entrance an experience to be enjoyed and admired.

The hotel is located in the middle of the city. Surrounded by high walls and neighbouring buildings, the space provides a sheltered microclimate with shady pockets for planting.

Evergreen plants are the backbone to the garden design, complementing a row of mature Magnolia Grandiflora trees and providing abundant foliage as a rich backdrop to the flowering perennials and specimen plants. The layered branches of Viburnum Plicatum ‘Kilimanjaro’ (Japanese snowball), act as a focal point with horizontal branches and early summer blossom, followed by fiery hues of orange and gold foliage in the autumn.

Acer Griseum trees (Paperbark Maple) offer year round interest with peeling, papery, chestnut coloured bark and glorious autumn colour. At the hotel reception entrance, a statement pair of Ligustrum Delavayi (evergreen Privet) in pots offer formality and provide a strong visual accent to these areas.


The plants and structures used in this design were taken from the original Chelsea Flower Show garden in 2021 entitled, ‘An NHS Tribute Garden: Finding Our Way’ designed by Naomi for the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The show garden was a celebration of the NHS and the relentless work carried out providing care and support during the COVID pandemic.

The award winning show garden was redesigned and gifted to Wexham Park Hospital where it was rebuilt in 2022 to provide a space at the hospital for all to enjoy. Re-modelled to be fully accessible, with additional seating areas created for patients and staff set amongst generous planting, the garden is fully immersive.

Flowering perennials add vibrant dashes of colour against lush foliage, whilst a variety of ornamental grasses soften the effect creating a feeling of calm. Spectacular feature trees were carefully transported and replanted as focal points to provide seasonal interest and structure. The wooden arch structure provides a sense of safe enclosure, with dappled light filtering through, attracting people in to sit and relax. Naomi and her team have transformed this once empty, under-utilised space, into a tranquil, restful environment for quiet contemplation and the enjoyment of nature.

An excellent project between Naomi, her team, Chelsea Flower Show at Wexham Park Hospital. A garden called ‘Finding your way’ dedicated to the NHS in 2021 show.

Our hospital charity funded the transfer and install of the garden, which took its own personality once in situ. The area now offers so much to so many. Colour, textures, attracts wildlife for our patient’s, visitors and staff to truly take time in and find harmony and peace. Naomi is a true delight to work with and we hope to do more projects in the future.

Thank you from hundreds of people who have already enjoyed the garden coming up to its first birthday on 5th July



This project encompassed the complete re-design of a hotel entrance in Gatwick. The design included new seating and a bike area, along with updated planting schemes to complement the newly built landscape.

The outside area showcased porcelain paving, with bespoke seating thoughtfully designed and located around the entrance area. Custom-made planters filled with leafy foliage, alongside seasonally flowering plants offer a soft contrast to the sleek lines of the paved area. Planting design extends to the car park for a planting scheme that is robust but complimentary, adding to the aesthetics of the overall design.


The design for this student garden incorporated elements from Naomi’s award winning 2018 Chelsea Flower Show Cherub HIV garden, which continues its legacy into this newly designed space.

The garden was designed for students to take time away from study to rest, socialise and immerse themselves in nature.

The planting and the pond feature in the garden were designed to create a relaxing space while also providing communal areas for discussion, debate, and re-group away from the pressure of study.

Naomi was excellent in her approach and presentation. She worked with us to understand what we needed and how best to achieve it, even within a limited budget. She was happy to allow freedom and flexibility enabling us to develop ideas with helpful input and suggestions. Work is about to start.


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