Planting design is a skill combining creativity and horticulture to create breathtaking gardens that look beautiful all year round. Naomi has extensive horticultural experience and local landscape knowledge. She utilises this experience to plant beautiful garden design schemes that compliment the natural landscape whilst showcasing her creative flair. Her planting designs are completely unique to each client; creating spaces unlike any other.

Planting Design in West Sussex, East Sussex and London

One of the most important elements of garden and landscape design is planting design. Well-chosen plants compliment a garden and if designed well, can transform it completely. Naomi has extensive planting design experience and an eye for creating beautiful gardens. She has won many prestigious awards for her work and is proud to offer her services to clients in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, and London.

The Benefits of Planting Design

Composing plants in particular designs is an artform. It requires creative flair, horticultural experience, and an eye for complimentary colours and textures. When executed professionally, planting design can provide the following benefits:

  • Satisfy a property’s functional and aesthetic needs
  • Draw the eye
  • Transform a garden space
  • Compliment the natural surroundings

The Four Components of Planting Design

Planting design involves many aspects, and these are outlined below:

1. Engineering

Plant design can be used to support site engineering purposes such as protecting buildings from glare or heat, stabilising slopes, increasing pedestrian safety, and cleaning polluted water. Many beautifully designed gardens have been planted in such a way to support a site’s engineering needs.

2. Horticultural

The horticultural aspect of planting design involves matching the needs of the plants to the condition of the site. Just because a plant may have the right aesthetic, doesn’t mean it will thrive in a particular area. Naomi and her team consider everything about a site, from climate to soil type, to ensure the right plants are chosen for each garden.

3. Architectural

Planting design can be a powerful tool for drawing the eye. Well-designed planting schemes can highlight the architectural features of a building, such as stone walls, signage, entries, and sculptures. In the same way, they can be used to conceal the less appealing forms of architecture such as car parks and boundary fences.

4. Aesthetic

This is what most people think of when they picture planting design. Choosing the right plants is vital to creating the right aesthetic for a space. Whether you are after a particular colour scheme or you want a garden that’s in bloom all year round, professional planting design will help you realise your vision.

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Naomi has completely transformed our garden from a large lawned area to a beautifully bordered landscaped space. Her thoughts on design and attention to what flowers, shrubs and trees suited our garden and it’s needs were very detailed. She has been very easy to work with and has taken on any changes we asked for and put them in her design…


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