Plant design is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Naomi’s garden design process and is the art of composing plants to create stunning designs. Naomi has significant horticulture experience and having won numerous awards for her show gardens, she knows what it takes to create unforgettable gardens with unique and striking planting designs.

However, planting design isn’t just used for the creation of a particular aesthetic. The plants chosen, plant positioning, and the surrounding environment all play a part in perfecting a planting design. Naomi is thorough in her plant selections, being sure to choose plants that provide function and beauty. Naomi uses her skills and experience to improve your garden through her expert planting design. From plant and colour combinations that draw the eye, to plants that stabilise garden slopes and reduce glare or heat. Browse the images below to discover a few examples of Naomi’s talent for planting design.



Naomi was excellent in her approach and presentation. She worked with us to understand what we needed and how best to achieve it, even within a limited budget. She was happy to allow freedom and flexibility enabling us to develop ideas with helpful input and suggestions. Work is about to start.


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