According to the scale of the project, I will be delighted to be involved with any or all of the following stages to assist you through the process:

  • Putting together a tender pack for potential contractors;
  • Project monitoring once the contractor is selected;
  • Plant sourcing;
  • Setting out of plants;
  • Planting or arranging planting teams;
  • Compiling ongoing maintenance plans;
  • Regular garden visits (eg 6 monthly or annually) to advise on particular issues and/or editing the planting as the garden matures.

Naomi, what can we say? We hit a wall with regards to using our small garden space effectively. Naomi supported us in developing our vision, scattering her seeds of wisdom we came up with a plan. Naomi measured out the space, suggested colours, designs, plants and we began. The journey is not yet complete but the 5 stars are due to the knowing that the plan is taking shape, spring planting to go! We are very excited as a family as we have gained an extra room! Al Fresco!


Please get in touch by calling Naomi on 01273 381512

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