Naomi was excited to work with renowned HIV partnership, Cherub, at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. The garden she designed and built as a platform to help raise awareness about young people living with HIV in the UK and beyond. Naomi’s garden aimed to challenge stigmas and promote the message that it’s possible to live well with HIV, as well as highlighting the search for a cure through dedicated scientific research.

Naomi designed her debut garden with young people in mind, working in conjunction with children’s HIV charity CHIVA, which has offered advice and inspiration. Using over 1,000 plants, the key species included Acer Osakazuki, Acer Vitifolium, Acer Palmatum, Drimys winteri and Dicksonia antarctica, supplied by Hortus Loci Ltd. Other materials included composite stone for a white ‘pod’ structure, Welsh blue-grey slate and bamboo composite.

The garden was built by Burnham Landscaping and conceived by Professor John Frater, University of Oxford and Professor Sarah Fidler, Imperial College, London.

Naomi was really excited to receive a Silver-Gilt award from the RHS.

A Life Without Walls – Chelsea 2018

Photos by Dawn Jee

A Life Without Walls - Chelsea 2018

During Chelsea Week

A Life Without Walls - Chelsea 2018

The Garden Build

With Burnham Landscaping Ltd and Nature Redesigned

A Life Without Walls - Chelsea 2018

We are very pleased with the end result. A lovely flower and shrub bed and a refreshed vegetable area. Both the flowers and the vegetables have been so much better this year, and with much less work maintaining them! Thanks again, Naomi, for getting this done for us.



Garden Design Shoreham, Sussex: RHS