The aim of this small garden is to create an exotic, relaxing and warm space. The owner likes more exotic-looking plants and is keen to incorporate plants from warmer climates.

Bringing colour contrast to the garden will give a little wow factor, we will use different materials along with lush greenery to balance softness and light. The planting will be based on foliage, using different shades and textures of green. Dahlias, hibiscus and big leafed plants will create the staple.

Socialising and cooking are essential to this garden so a small kitchen area and herb wall will be a practical and fun asset.




We enjoyed designing for this Eastbourne garden, using the existing established trees as a background to the new design.

We created a space to move and socialise, introducing two seating areas; an outdoor kitchen and a summer house area. 

The client requested additional planting to be introduced to the garden. We enlarged the borders and introduced bespoke planters to create focus and space for interest planting. Height and shade will feature through the introduction of trees and an obelisk.


This terrace house garden had not seen much attention in many years. It appeared rundown and in need of restoring.

The owner wanted to create an oasis by filling the space with plants and having multiple areas within the long, thin garden.

We are in the process of creating a beautiful urban garden space, with an area for eating near the house and one for entertaining at the sunny, eastern end of the garden. We will be using cottage style planting throughout and modern paving to create more interest in the thin space.

Click to view client video, one year after planting.

Naomi is an excellent garden designer.  With my garden she managed to take an awkward, unattractive, long, thin, west facing terrace garden and design something that I am proud to invite people into. I worked with her on everything from materials to planting ideas.  She is very receptive to feedback but also brings her extensive knowledge and understanding of plants and design to the project.  There were a few things that I was not sure about but am so glad now that I put myself in the hands of an expert and went with her design.



The aim of this garden project is to make a space where students can take time away from study, to rest and socialise, enticing the students away from technology and enveloping themselves within the natural world.

The garden would incorporate elements from the Chelsea Cherub HIV garden into the design, ensuring the legacy of the garden is preserved.

Sitting amongst the planting and features such as the pond will allow them to decompress and give their minds space to access creative flow.

In addition to the space being relaxing, it could also be a social area, giving the students important communal areas for discussion, debate and most importantly laughter.



The owners of this large barn conversion property approached Naomi when the property was still just in the planning phase. Initially, Naomi worked with them to model the house, to plan out the ½ acre site and then over an extended period work on the detail of each area.

The site falls into three main sections: the entrance, the courtyard and the main garden area with pool. Each of the sections received individual attention ensuring continuity throughout. Planting for each section was designed and planned, the photos above show the initial section of plants in their first season.  

Not only is Naomi super talented but she brings such zen to my world 🧘‍♀️🌺. She’s designed our dream garden but completely understands that we can’t implement it all at once. We debated doing it in stages and leaving parts totally unfinished but have come to the conclusion that a more basic whole garden is more useful to us.



Naomi was excellent in her approach and presentation. She worked with us to understand what we needed and how best to achieve it, even within a limited budget. She was happy to allow freedom and flexibility enabling us to develop ideas with helpful input and suggestions. Work is about to start.


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