According to the scale of the project, I will be delighted to be involved with any or all of the following stages to assist you through the process:

  • Putting together a tender pack for potential contractors;
  • Project monitoring once the contractor is selected;
  • Plant sourcing;
  • Setting out of plants;
  • Planting or arranging planting teams;
  • Compiling ongoing maintenance plans;
  • Regular garden visits (eg 6 monthly or annually) to advise on particular issues and/or editing the planting as the garden matures.

We found using Naomi to design and install our garden an easy way to start and complete something that was far beyond our knowledge and comfort zone. I will use Naomi again for other projects and would recommend her to others needing their gardens revitalised.


Please get in touch by calling Naomi on 01273 381512

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